Professional Fan Solutions is the Australia Pacific distributer of MacroAir products. We are an innovative company that ensures valued customers receive the prompt service they deserve. We pride ourselves on tailoring the job to suit the customer and our attention to the detail and customer support matters.


“We are small enough to care but big enough to handle the job”.

While we do specialise in MacroAir High Volume Low-Speed fans (HVLS), we are not here just to provide you with fans, as they may not solve all your ventilation problems alone. At PROFAN, we aim to design and construct a full ventilation solution which may be coupled with a HVLS fan to provide you with the desired results and provide the comfort you need for your facility.

PROFAN also prides itself as being your one-stop-shop to organise everything – import and stocking products, quoting and computer modelling, installation, customisation, electrical, commissioning, after sales service and support.



Ben started his career as a mechanic at City Ford where he worked primarily on transmissions. He remained in the automotive industry for 8 years. After this, he began working on ventilation systems in apartment complexes, homes, car parks, churches and schools. He later took on a project management role, managing the installation of systems throughout the construction process. For the last 7 years, Ben has been involved in the installation of hundreds of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans all across Australia. He has had experience installing fans in schools, churches, factories, workshops, gyms, new homes, basketball stadiums, cyclone shelters, defense force facilities, Boeing construction facility, and equine stables just to name a few.



Tim began his electrical apprenticeship with a contracting company specializing in domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations, maintenance and repairs.

Works included new homes and renovations, shops, factories, workshops, churches, conference centres, aged care facilities, schools and guest houses. Tim often took on supervisory roles in new houses from beginning to completion.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys volunteering with the Rural Fire Service where he has been a member for over 15 years. He also enjoys riding dirt bikes, 4 wheel driving and camping and spending time with family and friends.