IKEA Case Study MacroAir Fans



IKEA Case Study - Profan.com


IKEA would like to find a great way to save on operating costs by reducing the cost of heating and cooling its space while reducing CO2 emissions. They would like to reduce its energy consumption and improve employee and customer comfort.

They would also like to increase their stores in temperature at floor level during winter and increase the set point of their HVAC system.


Pairing MacroAir’s HVLS fan solution with its existing HVAC system enabled IKEA to reduct its energy consumption which thus improved its employee and customer comfort.

During the winter, we measured a 6°F increase in temperature at floor level at both the Zaragoza, Spain and Murcia, Spain IKEA stores.

In the summer, the stores were able to increase the set point of their HVAC system thereby significantly reducing energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. IKEA doesn’t even use their HVAC on days where the temperature doesn’t exceed 79°F.

As a result, the gain in reduction of energy usage, comfort and payback, IKEA continues to work with us in other locations increasing their profitability, social responsibility and environmental compromise. Because IKEA gained comfort, return on investment, and energy reduction with MacroAir HVLS fans, it continues to install the MacroAir solution in its other locations.


Enough said?