A High Volume Low Speed Fan is a mechanical fan that usually has a diameter of greater than 1.8 m (6 ft.) and can be as large as 7.2 m (24 ft.). They generally spin at low speeds with specially designed airfoils to move large amounts of air.

A ProFan representative can come and visit your facility and measure your space and advise you on the best fan combination to suit your needs. We can also create a customised AirViz computer model which visualizes the air movement in your space

Yes the Macro Air Fans can run in reverse however the design of the airfoils means they are more efficient to continue to run them in forward, just to slow them down to slowly mix the warmer air up high with the cooler air to warm the area in Winter.

The Macro Air Airvolution D fan has an in-built accelerometer that senses any unusual fan movements such as wind, earthquakes or a collision with an object to shut down the fan immediately.
Yes, large objects within your space will cause the air streams created by the HVLS fans to be disrupted in some way.

Macro Air AVDX and Air Legacy fans come in both 1 phase and 3 phase versions and put very little load on your facilities electrical system from as little as 0.8 Amps for the smallest 6 ft. model to 4.5 Amps for the largest 24ft model, keep in mind a kettle or toaster usually uses 10 Amps!! The AVD370 and Airlite Fans are both Single phase only

No.  As you can see, the Macro Air Airvolution-D controller is very simple to use with forward and reverse settings speed up and down control and an on-off power button. Simple.

The Macro Air AVDX and AVD370 fans are direct drive HVLS Fan which makes it virtually silent- you only hear the breeze.

The AVDX and AVD370 Fans require very little maintenance, only cleaning the blades to maintain efficiency and a regular safety check should occur to ensure all safety features are functioning correctly.

-A safety cable tied around the building structure to prevent the fan falling as a result of bracket or hardware failure.

-Guy Wires aid in holding the fan in a level position and stop fan sway in windy conditions.

-Accelerometer shuts down the fan in the event of it moving away from level due to wind earthquake or object strike.

Fans that have been installed incorrectly can cause strobing effect, however this can be avoided with careful planning and if required Pro Fans qualified electrician can move the lights to reduce this effect.

Prompt service from qualified and experienced installers who can talk you through the best solution for your space and provide you with a quote with the options you require.